Dec 15

5 Tips for Staying Active When You’re Snowed Inside

While this Winter has been usually warm—and we mean usual, like, 60 degrees in December unusual—we still want to prepare for the inevitable snow, and those moments where you don’t feel like leaving your apartment. It’s not always easy to maintain an active lifestyle during the winter. The clothes you need to stay warm aren’t always the easiest to exercise in, the slim clothes that do keep you warm are sometimes too expensive, and snow and ice makes it dangerous to run or bike. That’s why we prepared these 5 tips for staying active while stuck indoors.

1. Stretch
Stretching before getting active is always a smart idea. Most people aren’t meant to go from 0 to 100 without a little warm-up. But stretching is not just here as a disclaimer to stop you from getting hurt during exercise. See, even if you’re not looking to do lift weights or do aerobics, you should be stretching during the winter. Sitting down on the couch wrapped in the blanket may be comfortable, but hours upon hours of being sedimentary add up. Don’t let yourself become stiff and bent out of shape this winter! If you can, stretch 10 minutes a day, every day, and keep yourself limber.

2. Weights
A small set of dumbbells ranging anywhere from 2-pounds apiece, to over 5 pounds, are a space-convenient way to stay active when stuck indoors. Small enough to keep in a closet or under the bed, light weight dumbbells can be added to other exercises to maximize calorie use and body strengthening techniques. Using them on their own can be a good way to start and end the day—a dedicated number of reps on a regular basis, even with 2-pound dumbbells can make a difference!

3. Stationary Bicycle
A stationary bicycle is a great piece of indoor exercise equipment. No electricity necessary, quieter than a treadmill, and oftentimes the cheapest—but most effective piece of equipment money can buy. Depending on how much space you have in your apartment a folding stationary bicycle that can fit in a closet might be an ideal choice, but if you have to go even smaller, look into portable stationary bicycles. These models just include the pedals; no seats, which means you can take it into any room you feel like exercising. On the couch, in the kitchen, on the bed—anywhere you sit can become your stationary bicycle with a portable unit, which will make it that much easier to stay active.

4. Aerobics
If equipment isn’t your thing, aerobics might be. Oftentimes no equipment is needed at all to perform aerobic exercise at home, though you may want to have energetic music on standby to encourage the exercise’s momentum. Dancing, kickboxing, turbo-kick; you’ve probably heard of a few popular exercise classes that qualify as aerobics, but you don’t need to leave the apartment to do them on your own. Access to YouTube is all you need to find instruction, and classes, to keep you busy for 15 minutes a day. Be safe, and pace yourself; these workouts are often take a bigger toll than you might think at first.

5. Turn Everything into Exercise
If you think about how your average day goes, there’s likely a lot of activities that can be turned into exercise-time. Add up the time spent watching TV, listening to music, waiting for ovens to heat, food to cook, etc. TV time is time you could be lifting dumbbells or riding a stationary bike, AND watching TV. Listening to music is time you could be dancing to music. That kitchen prep time? You know your oven takes 10 minutes to heat, and that meal takes 30 minutes to cook – that’s 40 minutes you could be doing something other than just sitting and waiting! When you live a busy life, taking advantage of every window for activity is key to staying active.

At 3030 South Water Apartments we’re all about the outdoors; living next to the river, near a hiking and biking trail, but we know that staying indoors is a reality of the winter. We hope you find some of our indoor activity tips helpful, so that you’re loose and ready to go outside in Spring.

Dec 15

5 Life Hacks for Beating the Pittsburgh Winter

At 3030 South Water we love Pittsburgh, but we know the winters here can be harsh. When you’ve been here long enough though, you develop a particular set of skills for dealing with the winter challenges unique to Pittsburgh. Skills that make the winter so much easier to handle that, well, we just have to call them life hacks!

1. Patience Pays Off
For three quarters of the calendar year there’s nothing wrong with being in a hurry, walking through town with some speed in your step, or running down Carson Street to catch a bus. When winter rolls around and the sidewalks start getting icy, slow down for your own sake. You can be a little late when it means staying safe! We’ve all seen someone slip and fall on the ice because they weren’t looking, or they were walking too quickly. Be patient while walking around, check the sidewalk ahead of you regularly, even if it slows you down, it’s better than falling down and hurting yourself. Also, if you see someone slipping and sliding ahead of you, take that to your advantage and avoid whatever path they were taking. Cutting across grass, or sections of powdery snow are usually safer than icy sidewalks.

2. Slush
Pittsburgh’s rainy climate makes it a perfect storm for slush. We all hate stepping in it, the sound it makes, the splash of wet semi-snow on your nice shoes, but if it’s so inevitable why not prepare for it? Weatherproofed snow boots are a great solution, allowing you to step with confidence through the slush. If they get wet, they’re made for that, and boots are typically tall enough that they can shield for clothes from the slush-splash. It’s winter after all; you should have a pair of snow boots just in case anyways!

3. Crazy Mocha
If you’re looking to escape the cold, there’s almost no better place to go than one of Pittsburgh’s many Crazy Mocha locations. The local coffee chain is well known for their variety in their menu and flavor syrup options, and their coffee doesn’t have the notorious “burned” taste of Starbucks coffee. Also, if you grab a coffee to go, that doubles as a delicious drink and a hand warmer—so sip slowly, keep your hands warm, and the caffeine flowing!

4. Wool Socks
With common winter accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, and earmuffs, we try to keep every part of the body warm and safe from the cold. So often though, people forget to include extra warm socks on that list of winter accessories. A good pair of wool socks will keep your feet warm if you’re wearing non-airtight shoes like running shoes or sneakers. When wool socks are combined with boots, your feet become surrounded by an impenetrable fortress, safe from whatever the Pittsburgh Winter can throw at you.

5. Salted Routes
Your favorite backstreet shortcut might not be the top priority for the City of Pittsburgh. It might not get plowed, shoveled, or salted unless you do it. In the interest of doing as little work as possible, make a special winter route using major streets that get plowed, shoveled, and salted regularly.

Nov 15

How to Make Your Apartment More Dog-Friendly

If you’re staying at 3030 South Water Apartments, then congratulations, you’ve found a dog-friendly apartment. Man’s best friend has a place to stay, but is your apartment as dog-friendly as can be? Is your apartment safe for your dog, and is it keeping your dog happy while it’s left home alone? Follow our tips, and ensure that your dog’s stay at 3030 South Water is as enjoyable as your own.

Dog-Proof The Apartment
This first tip varies depending on your dog’s level of house training. Not everyone will need to take these steps, and some will need to take more – only you know how well trained your dog is, and only you can make the apartment safe for your dog. That being said, let’s get to dog-proofing.

In making your apartment safe for your dog, and making your apartment safe from your dog, it’s important to see what your dog sees. If you can, get down to their height, and try to see the apartment from their point of view. Is there anything expensive on the coffee table that a tail could knock over? Can your dog reach food left on the kitchen counter, or easily open a pantry? Can your dog climb furniture to get to places they shouldn’t be able to reach?

If your dog goes to great lengths for food, pantry-locks, and dog-proof trash cans may be wise investments. Keeping the bathroom door shut and the toilet lid down may help keep your dog from drinking from the toilet bowl. Couch-protection products exist that allow you to give your dog a special padding so they don’t scratch the couch while you’re gone.

Gates are an option if you want to completely seal your dog away from certain areas in the apartment. If you absolutely don’t trust your dog not to wreck your apartment, then in that worst case scenario you could consider a crate, but please keep the crate comfortable—with padding, pillows, toys, and water.

Give Your Dog a Bed To Sleep On
First of all, a dog bed is absolutely not a waste of money; you try sleeping on the carpet or a hardwood floor, and see how you like it. Unless you allow your dog on the couch, or on your personal bed, then the dog bed is going to be something your dog loves. Having one by your bed allows your dog to sleep peacefully and comfortably knowing you’re right there, or you could position it in the living room so your dog can sleep while you’re watching TV.

When home alone, the dog bed is a place for your dog to relax, and it lessens the temptation your dog may have to hop on the couch or bed, since they have a place of their own to sleep.

Give Your Dog Safe Toys
Your dog needs to stay entertained, and while that’s easier when you’re home to play with them, you need to provide them with toys to keep them occupied. Choose something safe and durable, a toy that presents no choking hazard, something that’s fun for them, or gives them something to chew on for hours. You may be gone from home 8 hours a day, but those hours can fly for your dog when they have some toys to play with.

Create a Dog Accessory Area
Near the entrance of your apartment, the foyer if you have one, create a space where you can store a leash and some bags for when you’re taking your dog on a walk. Not only will this remove clutter from the rest of your apartment, but you’ll create a routine your dog will come to understand—being in the dog accessory area of the apartment means it’s time for a walk. This is also a good space for a floor mat, and a towel, so you can dry off your dog after a walk through the rain.

Provide Your Dog with a Lively Apartment
When left home alone some people leave on their television to give their dogs visual and audio stimulation; and it’s gotten to the point where there’s a whole TV station scientifically designed for dogs. We won’t suggest that you take it that far, especially since leaving your TV on while you’re not at home is a big waste of energy. Still, giving your dog an atmosphere that’s more than just absolute silence might be a good idea, and people swear that it makes their dogs happier. Leaving a radio station on, a Pandora or Spotify playlist, or even having an ambient sound machine in the apartment might keep your dog healthily stimulated while you’re out of the apartment.

We were happy to be featured on Fittsburgh’s list of the 37 Best Dog-Friendly Places in Pittsburgh; we love dogs, and we welcome dog-loving folks to live at 3030 South Water Apartments.

Nov 15

Why Urban Agriculture Is Important To Us

You may wonder, why is a state of the art luxury apartment building so interested in sponsoring urban agriculture? Why do we care? What stake do we have in promoting urban food growing?

Well, we actually do have a big stake in the future of urban agriculture, and we have a long list of reasons to support and promote it! From the smallest windowsill basil-growers, to rooftop tomato farms, the future of the city of Pittsburgh can be remarkably improved by the growth of the urban agriculture and local farming communities. To outline the changes that urban agriculture can have, we’ve arranged a list of the 5 major reasons urban agriculture is important to us.

Environmentally Friendly
The World Future Council identifies cities as key actors and contributors to climate change, thus, any action taken by cities to go green helps combat climate change immensely. On a base level, it is well understood that more plants leads to fewer CO2 emissions, so urban agriculture is “green” in that way—but it has much deeper environmental impacts than that. Every urban grower that pops up in Pittsburgh decreases the city’s reliance on imported fruits and vegetables, and thus decreases the environmental impact of transporting food via large, 18-wheeler trucks. The reuse of organic waste in fertilizer will also reduce the city’s methane emissions.

Less Flooding
The growth of urban agriculture in Pittsburgh also means less flooding. We get a lot of rain in Pittsburgh, that’s no secret. The more gardens, farms, and other urban agriculture green spaces we have around the city, the more of that heavy rainfall will be soaked into soil, rather than building up on steel, concrete, and asphalt.

As mentioned before, urban agriculture can help Pittsburgh be food independent. With more growers bringing their fruits and vegetables to the table, the city will have a higher rate of food security—meaning that everyone’s access to affordable healthy food options increases. A city that grows for itself can feed itself, and healthily, and these are skills that can be passed down from generation to generation. An investment in the present state of urban agriculture in Pittsburgh is an investment in the future of Pittsburgh; if we become food independent and food secure, it will be hard to go back to the old days.

Small Business
The relationship between family-owned grocers, small restaurants, and local urban farmers is a very healthy one. Small groceries and restaurants get more than just a good deal when they buy from urban growers—they buy so locally that they can often see for themselves where the food and ingredients they’re buying are coming from. When small businesses get their fruits and vegetables from urban growers, they’re also getting an insurance policy against national food shortages and infection breakouts. When a crop’s yield is low thanks to poor weather or a spreading crop infection on a national level, well, the same crop may be doing just fine in Pittsburgh since it’s an isolated growing location.

The growth of urban agriculture can also lead to a boom in local business startups. In New York City a group of urban farmers took tomatoes and peppers grown in Brooklyn, made a salsa, and launched a salsa brand that’s now over 7 years strong. When you can grow the product in your backyard, rooftop, or windowsill, you control the product, making it that much easier to start your own brand around what you’ve grown. Pies baked with homegrown fruit fillings, soups canned made with homegrown vegetables—whatever people in Pittsburgh can grow and make, they can use to launch startups.

When you lay out all of the benefits urban agriculture can lead to, it makes perfect sense that 3030 South Water Street Apartments would be all for it. How could we not be? A Pittsburgh with a stronger urban agriculture culture is a better Pittsburgh. And for what it’s worth, we’re doing our part in designing energy efficient living spaces! Each of our apartments comes with Energy-Star appliances, and LEED certified housing—meaning healthier occupants, and cleaner, renewable energy.

Nov 15

History of the Hot Metal Bridge

Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges, 446 to be exact, and the one closest to us as 3030 Southwater Street Apartments is of course, the Hot Metal Bridge. We may be biased, but we think it’s a pretty great bridge. In a city with distinct yellow bridges, Hot Metal Bridge stands out with its stark black steel, and its pedestrian and bike friendly path also makes it a comfortable option to commute from South Side to Oakland. What you might not have known about the Hot Metal Bridge is its rich background, and its significance to South Side history.

Do you know why the Hot Metal Bridge has a large roadway for cars, and a smaller section for pedestrians? Well, originally, neither section was designed for those purposes! Both parts of the Hot Metal Bridge were originally designed for Railroad use.

The bigger portion of the bridge that’s now a roadway was once called the Monongahela Connecting Railroad Bridge, or simply “The Mon Con.” It was built in 1887 for passenger trains, and designed with parallel tracks in mind.

The smaller portion of the bridge that’s now for pedestrians was built three years later, and designed for industrial use. Industrial trains used just one track, and they carried cars filled with molten steel—that’s why the smaller bridge was named the Hot Metal Bridge.

Back then, Jones and Laughlin Steel Company had steel mills along the Monongahela, the prominent one being the South Side Works. They needed to transport the molten steel over the river, and lots of it. Over 4,000 tons of hot metal crossed the bridge per day, back in the steel industry’s heyday.

For about 80 years after the Hot Metal Bridge’s completion, the steel industry in Pittsburgh was healthy and booming—though that all changed during the 1970’s and 1980’s. By the 1980’s Jones and Laughlin had closed the South Side Works. By 1993 trains had stopped running across Hot Metal Bridge. It was abandoned, and left for city organizers to reinvent and reopen.

In 2000, “The Mon Con” side of the Hot Metal Bridge was turned into a two lane roadway, and the opening ceremony commemorated the steelworkers of Pittsburgh. In 2007 the pedestrian walkway and bike path side of the Hot Metal Bridge was opened. The reopening of the Hot Metal Bridge was a vital moment in the recovery of the South Side neighborhood as a whole.

SouthSide Works opened in 2002, taking the name of the old steel mill, the SouthSide Works aimed to give retailers, offices, entertainment businesses, and residents a chance to move into an up and coming neighborhood. The increased ease of access from Oakland allowed young people to frequent South Side’s bars and restaurants, turning it into a destination nightlife neighborhood.

To live so close to a vital part of Pittsburgh history is so exciting. At 3030 Southwater Street Apartments, we’re very happy to live in such a history-rich neighborhood as South Side. We invite you to imagine how dramatically things have changed over the years. Sign up for our modern luxury apartments in the heart of South Side, and contemplate how wild it is that this buzzing, booming neighborhood was once abandoned just thirty years ago, only to become one of Pittsburgh’s best.

Oct 15

The Future of Apartment Living Is Now

At 6AM, as you sleep, your apartment starts to glow with simulated daylight. The gentle sound of an ocean stimulates your ears, the scent of sea salt reaches your nose. Now awake, imagine asking your apartment to play your favorite music, and it starts playing. Imagine an apartment that lights up the room as soon as you walk in. Imagine an apartment that cools down at 8AM, once you leave home, and heats up at 5PM because it knows you get home from work at 5:30PM. What might sound like the apartment of the future is more or less, the apartment of the present. There are tons of gadgets out and on the horizon that could potentially change the way we live in apartments, and here at 3030 South Water we’re excited about what the future has to offer.

The Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock from Hammacher Schlemmer
30 Minutes before the set alarm time, this clock begins to gradually brighten, simulating daylight. The olfactory senses are awakened by aromatherapy; with choices of ocean water, pear vanilla, lavender, and clean cotton. 15 Minutes before wakeup the clock plays one of six nature sounds; ocean surf, thunderstorm, white noise, spring rain, mountain stream, or forest stream. Finally, if all else fails, a gradually louder chime will play.

Amazon Echo from Amazon
As you’re going through your morning routine, who has time to get all their news and information from TV’s and computers, or even mobile devices for that matter? While you’re making coffee or getting dressed, just ask Amazon Echo to tell you what weather and traffic is like in your area, what you have scheduled that day, or would like to schedule. Echo can play music from your Amazon library, or a Pandora station you like, and can even communicate with smart lighting systems. As you’re leaving the apartment, just ask it to turn off all lights on the way out.

Nest Learning Thermostat from Alphabet Inc. (Google)
Nest thermostats give you easy to read information about how often and how much you’re using your thermostat. It’s most appealing feature is that it’s a Learning Thermostat. Unlike programmable thermostats, where you had to program on/off hours, Nest learns over time when the best hours for making adjustments are. Nest’s phone app will stay in communication with your home, and send you notifications when the apartment becomes too hot, or too cold, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly.

Philips Hue from Philips
Philips Hue is a smart lightbulb that can light up in 16 million colors, including white, of course. What really makes this bulb smart though, is how it can interact with your mobile devices. From your mobile devices you can dim the lights, select a color temperature, program schedules, and turn the lights on and off from anywhere. The bulbs are compatible with Apple HomeKit, so you can even use Siri to interact with your home lighting. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Philips product if it couldn’t interact with music and television, so the bulbs can sync with the beat of a song, and mimic the colors of whatever you’re watching on TV.

Chromecast by Google
Let’s face it, the apartment of the future does not have a place for subscription cable TV, but we’re not at the point where everyone is completely ditching television programs—far from it. Google’s Chromecast plugs into your TV’s HDMI port, and syncs with apps on mobile devices. This means you can stream YouTube and Netflix straight to your TV without using a physical HDMI cable—and that gives somebody without a cable subscription a lot of things to watch. Other heavy-hitting apps include Spotify, HBO GO, Showtime Now, and Hulu.

So what are you waiting for? The future is here, and the technology in your apartment can improve your day to day activities, freeing time for yourself and giving you an ease of mind. You just need a place to put that technology, and 21st century tech deserves a 21st century home. 3030 South Water Apartments are simple, modern, and outfitted with green Energy-Star appliances for a sustainable future.

Oct 15

Top 10 Apartment Eyesores

It can be difficult to realize when you’re surrounded by eyesores in your apartment. You live with these things every day, so you may be used to them, and any company you have over may be too polite to speak up about how they feel. On the Brightside, it’s never too late to reinvent your apartment, and make it eyesore-free. Surprise your guests next time by inviting them into your new and improved home. Just follow these tips.

1. Unframed Posters
Framed art simply looks better. Even the most garish and cliché posters get a tremendous aesthetic boost by being framed in the cheapest available plastic frame. When your art is framed it says you care, because you’ve made the investment in protecting your posters, paintings, photos, or even your signed Pittsburgh sports memorabilia. Never again will your guests see the corners of your poster curling up, or your posters falling off the wall completely.

2. Piled Up Dishes
As covered previously in our guide to stress free living, doing your dishes promptly will contribute to a home that’s pleasant to the eyes and nose, and your guests will notice when your kitchen sink is free of clutter. It can’t get any simpler than this: do your dishes! A wayward knife and fork in the sink is far from an eyesore, but when you’ve got plates, bowls, pots and pans from last night’s dinner or forbid, dinner from two nights ago, your guests will want to run from the kitchen.

3. Empty Cans and Bottles
Keeping a graveyard of empty booze bottles was a tacky thing to do as an undergrad in college, and it’s completely unacceptable to do as an adult! If you feel the urge to decorate with bottles, choose a few brands you like and display full bottles of the product, or consider decorating with olive oil and decorative vinegar bottles. Empty bottles and especially empty cans only belong in one place: the recycling bin.

4. Visible Cable Clusters
There are so many cable organizer products available to you, that having no means of organizing cables is no longer an excuse. Your USB cables alone can be taken care of by a single table-top cable-clip, and the meatier cables for televisions and power cords can be bundled together with ties, or taped to the wall with painter’s tape for organization.

5. Cluttered Coffee Tables
Don’t let your coffee table be the place you keep clutter like junk mail, magazines, bottle caps, coasters, candles, etc. The coffee table is there for you to put things on, like drinks, or snacks, so if it’s cluttered, it can’t serve its purpose! Keep four or five things on the coffee table. Two coasters, one decorative item like a small vase, and then one or two pieces of reading material. There’s a reason there’s such a thing as coffee table books. A guest may want to flip through a coffee table book or general interest magazine; they’re less likely to want to look at your junk mail, left over newspapers, or a dense book you’re reading.

6. Clashing Patterns
General rule of thumb for mixing patterns goes like this: don’t do it! If your couch has a plaid pattern to it, you shouldn’t add checkered or argyle patterned pillows. Instead, go with solid color pillows that compliment or match the base color of the couch. If you had a solid color couch, you could have differently colored pillows that had the same pattern. What’s important is that your guests can look at your interior decorations and tell that you were following a plan—having a mix of patterns will make it look like you either couldn’t make up your mind, or you don’t know what you’re doing.

7. Dying Plants
If you’re a green thumb and can keep a plant alive and well, then a plant is a great addition to any apartment. If you know you’re going to accidentally kill your plants, it might be best to avoid them in the first place. Wilting, dried up, and decaying plants are the ultimate eyesore. If you kept a dead goldfish on display, what would your guests say? “Why haven’t you gotten rid of this yet?” The same goes for your dying plants—you could nurse some back to health, but you could do it someplace out of sight, and out of mind for your guests.

8. Sterile, Commercial Lighting
There are few things more uncomfortable than the bright white fluorescent lights of doctor’s offices, stores, and certain corporate offices. Warm lights with yellowish tints, or lights with dimmer switches, will give your apartment a relaxing and casual atmosphere, and let your guests feel like they’re in a home, rather than an Ikea showroom. You don’t have to turn to expensive and environmentally unfriendly incandescent bulbs to achieve this atmosphere either! Now and days, LED bulbs come in soft-white varieties, with dimmer switch options, and you could even get faux-incandescent LED bulbs.

9. Everything Against The Walls
If you’ve got the floor space to spare, you don’t need to push everything against the walls. Let’s think floor space in terms of walking lanes; you don’t want to close off every wall-side walking lane. There’s pretty things to look at on your walls, or windows to look out of, so don’t close off every wall. Some pieces of furniture, like couches, are sometimes pushed against walls by default, or by instinct—but is the couch being against the wall depriving your apartment of a valuable walking lane?

10. Naked Windows
Blinds and curtains. You could choose one, or even go with both, but put something in the window. Even if you have fantastic view (of the Monongahela river maybe?) there will be times when you’re going to want to limit natural light, or give yourself a little privacy. Your guests may not be stunned by blinds and curtains, but they’ll notice a naked window—because that’s the way a window looks when you first move into an apartment, not the way a window is supposed to look months after.
If you decide to call 3030 South Water Street Apartments home, you already your apartment decorating adventure with a beautiful clean slate, full of modern utilities, and minimalist designs. If you follow our tips, and keep your apartment eyesore free, it will only become even more beautiful once it’s full of your things!

Oct 15

Apartment Moving Hacks For Busy Pittsburghers

Making a fresh start in a new living space is always exciting, but nobody ever looks forward to physical acts of packing up and moving. If you’ve got a moved planned in Pittsburgh, here are some hacks you can follow to make the process a little less stressful.

Wine and Spirits (and Boxes)

Come springtime in Oakland, when University of Pittsburgh students are moving out, it’s not unusual to see some walking around with stacks of boxes from the liquor stores. No, they’re not binge-drinking; they’re using Wine and Spirits stores to their advantage and picking up free cardboard boxes. FedEx and UPS stores will gladly sell you cardboard boxes, but why pay for what you can get for free? Plus, the wine boxes that still have dividers in them make the perfect carrier for glassware.

50% of Your Things Can Be Bagged

Not everything you own needs to be neatly packed into boxes. The truth is, a lot of what you own could be thrown into plastic grocery bags, or larger garbage bags. You have smaller items, clothes, pillows, blankets, less fragile items, knick-knacks, and other things that can take up unnecessary box space.

You Already Own BubbleWrap Substitute

You’re packing away your dishes, so they need to be secured with bubble wrap, right? Well, not always. Look around your apartment; do you have a comfortable sweatshirt, soft blanket, or Terrible Towel lying around? You can wrap and line those around your dishes as a cheap packing safety measure.

Know Your Route

If you’ve rented a moving truck, you’re going to want to know your route better than your GPS. Pittsburgh is a city constantly under construction, and a fair share of narrow streets. This is double trouble for your GPS, which can’t tell when a street is comfortably wide enough for a moving truck. Scouting your route beforehand is the smartest thing you can do for your Pittsburgh move—take detours around construction zones, and stay away from narrow streets if you can.

Stage Your Stuff

Once you’ve got your life in bags and boxes, it’s a great idea to organize those things the exact way you’re going to load it into a moving truck or car. Measure whatever vehicle you’re using, and stage a mock version of it inside your old apartment. You do not want to be left figuring out what boxes go where, and how you’re supposed to fit chairs and couches while you’re inside the vehicle.

Label Boxes in Your Own Keywords

Labeling your moving boxes can be tricky. If you individually list all 40 things inside the box you’ll have no shorthand to read when unpacking. On the other hand, vague labels like “Living Room” can also fail you if you have more than one “Living Room” box, or if you can’t remember if you left the soap in “Bathroom” or “Kitchen.” Use a labeling system that works for you; keywords that instantly remind you what you put in the box will save your peace of mind when it comes time to unpack.
Here are a few suggestions: Low Priority, Save For Later; Unpack Me First, Here’s the Silverware, All Electronics.

Moving doesn’t have to be all bad. If you’re looking to upgrade to a new, modern and spacious apartment just steps from everything Pittsburgh’s South Side has to offer, take a minute to learn more about the brand new 3030 South Water Street Apartments. Contact us today to learn more about this vibrant, new South Side residential community

Oct 15

How To Create A Relaxing, Stress-Free Home

After a long day at work, you want to come home to a relaxing space that helps you recharge before you have to get up and do it all again. Start by following these three simple rules, and your home can become instantly more peaceful and stress-free.

Connect With Nature

The more opportunities you give yourself to connect with nature, the more calming your home atmosphere will become. To bring the outdoors inside, keep curtains and blinds open during the day to let the natural light shine in. If you have a balcony or patio, spend a little time outside each day – fresh outdoor air never fails to calm a troubled mind. Keep a plant or two around to add accents of green flora. Snake Plants and Pothos are great beginner plants, but even if you don’t fancy yourself a green thumb, an artificial plant or painting of flowers can still serve as a cheerful reminder of nature.

Pittsburgh offers a wide variety places to get outdoors to enjoy a bit of fresh air and recreation. At 3030 South Water Street Apartments in South Side, you’re right on the Monongahela River, with access to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail for biking and walking. Connecting with the nature outside your front door will create a mental association between your home and nature. You may live in a bustling Pittsburgh neighborhood, but the “great outdoors” are just steps away.

Give Yourself Space

You’ve heard of the phrase, “less is more.” Keep your home simple, with ample space to move around. Just because you can fit a lot of things in your home, doesn’t mean you should. Cluttered surfaces and crowded floors can disrupt the flow of the home. Navigating from room to room should always be swift and easy, never awkward. Practice your own version of the art of Feng Shui, and organize your home in a way that allows you to move around with ease.

Keep It Clean And Clutter-Free

A relaxing home is pleasant to look at, smells good, and is above all, clean. In an effort to make your home look good, you may hide clutter or brush stuff under the couch, but this is not a long-term solution. This will all come back to cause stress at a later time. Being an active cleaner is its own reward. Doing dishes promptly, vacuuming,dusting, and taking out the trash regularly, will create a long-term relaxing environment. A clean home will be pleasant to the eyes and nose, and you’ll thank yourself for keeping it clean (your guests will notice too). By being a vigilant cleaner, you can rest easy and relax at home, knowing there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road—no pests, no funky smells, and nothing unsightly.

Choose The Right Location

At 3030 South Water Street Apartments in South Side, we want you to take full advantage of our offerings in order to live in a stress free home. Many of our amenities will lead you onto the path of serenity, but it’s up to you to walk down that path. Our units are spacious, with open floor plans. We provide balconies with sprawling river views, and our active community is nestled steps away from outdoor recreation. If you are looking for stress-free living, start here. Contact us today to learn more or, if you’re ready to get started, fill out an online rental application now.

Sep 15

Join Us For The Farm To Table Wine And Cheese (And More) Happy Hour

Fall is finally here, and Farm to Table Pittsburgh has teamed up with the Pittsburgh Public Market to kick off the autumn season with a Wine and Cheese Happy Hour. The event will be held Friday, October 2 from 5:00 until 8:00 PM at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District.

Tickets are $40 per person and gives you access to tasting samples from local restaurants, caterers, cafes and bakeries; drinks from local breweries and wineries; and more. The event is family-friendly and children are welcome for a discounted ticket price of $20. You may register online at any time to reserve your tickets.

There will also be two educational programs included in the evening. Michelle Wright from WTAE will present “All About Honey Bees” at 5:30 and Kathy Parry will present a seasonal cooking demo at 6:30. She is scheduled to demo pumpkin spice smoothies and kale salad with warm apples.

Some of the food and beverage exhibitors on hand include 1st Generation Farms, Arbonne, Billu’s Indian Grill at the Pittsburgh Public Market, Bull Dawgs, Carbonara Ristorante, Clarion River Organics, East End Brewing, Eliza’s Oven, Family Farms Creamery, Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant, Fresh Fix, Goot Essa, Gryphon’s Tea, Harry’s Healthy Human, Lengel Brothers Farm and Market, Life Made Edible, Market Street Grocery, McGinnis Sisters, Ohio City Pasta, PASA/Western PA Buy Fresh Buy Local, Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt, Pittsburgh Po Boy, Plum Run Winery Inc., Red Star Kombucha, The Olive Tap, Treehouse Sweets, and Webb Winery. More details are available on the event’s Facebook page.

About Farm To Table and Pittsburgh Public Market

The Pittsburgh Public Market has come a long way since relocating from the produce terminal to 2401 Penn Ave in 2013. You can find everything from beer to cheese to ice cream to meals from around the globe. If you haven’t visited the market in a while, the Wine and Cheese Happy Hour is a unique opportunity to stop by and see what’s new.

Farm to Table Pittsburgh is the local food and healthy eating arm of the Pathways to SmartCare Wellness Program. The organization works to connect schools, employers, senior citizen services and community groups with locally-sourced food. Their goal is to bridge the ever-growing divide between consumers and local food producers. Connecting food from farm to table benefits individual health, community health and local economic health.

We Will See You On Friday!

Get your tickets now for the Happy Hour and take in all of the amazing local food Pittsburgh has to offer. At 3030 South Water Street Apartments, we support local growers and producers and the businesses that help bring those local foods to our tables, which is why we are a proud sponsor of this event. If you are new to the local food scene, grab some friends and make it a point to come out and enjoy great food and beverages and learn a little bit more about the farm to table movement. While you are there, make sure to stop by and see us, and discover why 3030 South Water was named one of the Twelve Exciting Development Projects Reshaping Pittsburgh by Made In Pgh.

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